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These Safaris are ideal for the end of any safari and for people seeking to “get off the beaten track

They require no more than 1 or 2 additional days and are an excellent chance to really have some authentic experience and genuine interaction with some of Tanzania’s most unique tribes.

The focus of these extensions is cross-cultural experience and not wildlife. Guests can try their hand at bow-hunting with the Hadzabe tribe or sit within a traditional Maasai boma with the elders. We encourage our clients to embrace these rare experiences – for they are as close to time travel as one can get in today’s world!

Lake Eyasi Extension

Their language is similar to the click languages of other bushmen further south in the Kalahari. Clients are often invited to come and see their simple bush homes where the tree canopy alone or a cave provides them with shelter. They live entirely off the land as they have been for centuries.

A few hours spent amongst the Bushmen makes the apparently inhospitable bush country come to life. To watch them hunt is truly unique experience – from the age of 4 and up – they stealthily spot then creep up on their prey skillfully killing it.

We make camp at the Lake Eyasi Campsite and spend the night under the canvas falling asleep to the unfamiliar sounds of the bush, returning to Arusha the following afternoon.

Hiking with the Maasai in Monduli Mountains

Home of our base camp and Tanzania’s most famous Tribe: the Maasai

maasai land

Drive to the Monduli Mountains, home to the Maasai Tribe. Stay at our base camp overlooking the Rift Valley with fantastic views of Gelai,Ol Donyo Lengai, Kilimanjaro and Meru. Take an afternoon walk or relax and enjoy the view.

The Monduli Mountains are known for their natural beauty and breath taking cultural appeal, situated approximately 2 hours drive from Arusha. The peaks of these mountains are forested with cedar trees and other lush vegetation, and on the lower slopes are the dry thorn bushes which spread down to the Rift Valley floor.

Our camp overlooks the Rift Valley with spectacular views of the Kilimanjaro, Meru, Longido, Gelai, Kitumbaine and Ol Donyo Lengai (which is known as the “mountain of God” in the Maasai language). It is from here that you can explore the area, going down to the Rift Valley Floor for game trekking on foot or walk high into the Monduli range. Experiences the rich culture of the Maasai with our very own Maasai trekking guides (whose home it is). They will ensure that you not only get a warm welcome, but you get the true taste of adventure and a genuine cultural experience! See their traditional way of life; be invited into a Maasai home, even trade goods if you feel so inclined!

After an afternoon of trekking and cross-cultural exploration, spend the night at our base camp under the stars. In the morning, enjoy more trekking in Monduli, in the afternoon return to Arusha.


Oldonyo Sambu

½ Day walking tours

Package A: This tour consists visiting a traditional Maasai boma and a Maasai healer so that you may experience the Maasai way of life (1.5hrs)

Package B: Travel from a Maasai boma to the Oldonyo Sambu primary school. Your walk continues to the meat camp known as “ Orpul”. After understanding the importance of such a place, you will venture to the great significance to the Maasai community (3.5Hrs)

Package C: Hike to the top of Lumurupe Hill passing “medicine” plants, used by the Maasai healer. Once you have reached the top, experience breathtaking views of the surrounding villages and plains. (04Hrs)

Full days tour:

Package D: As your journey begins, you will go though the Ngapune passage and enter into the plains of maasailand. You will find warrior bomas scattered throughout the vast area. You will then be guided into a wild walking safari, toward the base of Mt Longido, full of Zebras, giraffes, antelopes and ostriches. (08hrs)

Package E: Hike to the top of Meru hill where you can view the tallest peak in all of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro Overnight Walking / Camping Tour

Package F: Please see the above package E for the details. Once you reach Ngapune pass, you will set up camp for the night. Extended Overnight Walking Tour

Package G: Climb Mt Meru, Africa’s fifth highest mountain, and cousin of Mt Kilimanjaro. NB: All tours for full day or longer You may ride a donkey or camel

Tengeru Cultural Program

It is located 13kms from Arusha town along the Arusha – Moshi-Dar es Salaam road.

Coffee Tour:

Take a walk thought Tengeru’s coffee plantations and visit a local home where you will learn the whole process of preparing coffee. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy a delicious cup of coffee harvested from the volcanic Mt Meru.

Lake Duluti Tour

This tour will give you front view of Tengeru’s vegetation and enjoy watching the fauna and flora that abounds in the area. Learn about the Meru legends associated with the Lake and its mystery that take place in the lake.

Environmental Tree Planting Project:

Walk thought the beautiful scenery of Tengeru’s vegetation and help local plants trees to restore the environment

Water Falls Tour:

Enjoy nature and walk through the Mangalia waterfalls. Tengeru is known for it beautiful environment. Join us for a half day or full day safari up to the waterfalls and relax with the wonders of nature.

Primary School Tour

Walk though the village and get to know the local children by visiting their schools and their environment. Our children will give you a fond memory to take back home

Machame Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism

Established in June 2008 with a vision of making Kilimanjaro a green village


The village walk will take you to sieni. This place historical for the tribe rituals and sacrifices. Sieni consists of forest, caves and Daraja la mungu. All information and walking are done by local guide.


You will visit Nkosalulu water falls in Makoa river which is in Machame. It is surrounded by banana and coffee plantations where you will see the indigenous people farming by traditional means.


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